Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms

By JoCo July 31, 2005

That is the title of the soundtrack for the September issue of Popular Science magazine, which I have just now finished. Still too close to it to know how much it does or does not kick ass, but it’s safe to say I’m pretty proud of what I was able to do in such a short time. And there are some pretty good ones in there – it’s funny, the ones I hated the most while I was writing actually turned out to be my favorites. Stockholm syndrome. Or else they’re just better because they were difficult (and vice versa). Should be posted on the PopSci site sometime soon, I will let you know.

I had a moment this afternoon when I was just finishing up the mix for DNA in which I decided maybe I should just look up the names of the base pairs to make sure I was remembering them right from high school biology. What do you know, I wasn’t. I was saying “cystine” when I really meant “cytosine.” Idiot! Cystine isn’t a nitrogenous base, it’s an amino acid! Jesus! Thank goodness I caught it in time. I’m still smarting from the mathematician who told me he would have said “If the sequence of Z’s…” instead of “If the series of Z’s…” in “Mandelbrot Set.”

Anyway, done. NEXT PROJECT!


jpez says

Celebratory 'w00t.'

Joy says

Ah, perfectionism.

Can't wait to hear the songs.

Lars says

Awesome, I can't wait. (for both this and the next album, which should come with a west coast tour)

And don't let that mathematician get to you, series sounds better.

Peter and Susan says

We just downloaded the five songs from the POPSCI website. I'm a network engineer and my wife is a biologist. We both really enjoyed all the songs. They are funny, clever and very enjoyable.

We are hoping to get our kids hooked on "That Spells DNA". It is fun and reminds us of a modern School House Rock.

It's a nice departure for POPSCI. Hopefully, there will be more.

JoCo says

I'm glad someone's getting this message out to the kids. It's never too early to teach them about the structure of DNA, the benefits of mood altering drugs, and the dangers of cyborgism. Thanks P+S.

Dolly Vargas says