By JoCo July 30, 2005

Take that, muse! Finished “Womb with a View” on Thursday night in an incredible speed round, and just got done with “Better.” Everything’s recorded, now it’s just a question of mixing. Horrible, all-consuming, interminable mixing. Luckily I have a deadline, otherwise these songs wouldn’t see the light of day until several weeks of small adjustments that nobody cares about but me.

I have a secret for you – I cannot play the guitar. Really, I suck. I bit off a little more than I could chew in one of the solos, and it took me a long, long time to painstakingly comp it together from a thousand three-note sections. Somehow I missed the teenage boy phase where you sit in your room obsessively running scales and patterns. I think I may have wasted that time playing strummy folk songs for chicks, or maybe drinking beer at the sand pits. Either way, I’ve got to take some lessons because this is embarassing.

Now I am off to eat some eggs, and then to go see the Brooklyn Cyclones play “baseball.”


Amis says

I think not being able to play guitar only enhances things. Some might question the fact of that statement. To them; being able to have better songs then most without knowing the instruments you play in them is quite a feat. I mean, you can even dance to them! Really! An Irish Step Dance can easily be done to Mandelbrot Set... if you improvise a little.

jpez says

Sunny-side-up or scrambled?

JoCo says


jpez says

Yum. My favorite.

Dave says

I just listened to "Womb with a view" and it's one of the sweetest songs I've heard for a long time. I'm constantly surprised that you keep managing to hook me in with hummable tunes and clever lyrics. Normally I'd be listening Drum&Bass :)