One More Score

ByJoCo June 23, 2005

Hey, that was fast. Here’s an mp3 of our live performance from Little Gray Books Lecture #31: How to Commit the Perfect Crime. Music by me, lyrics by me and Adam Stein. In a related story, I have decided that I can no longer stand to listen to live recordings of me singing or playing the guitar.

Did I mention the teddy bear was filled with diamonds?


Travis Braud says

I think one more score is one of the best songs you've done

JoCo says

Thanks Travis, I think it came out pretty well. I have to give Adam a lot of credit for the "Je t'adore" line, which is simply genius.

trbecker says

Hello, wonderful music. Where are the lirycs? Some lines I still can

trbecker says

oh, fuck, pardon me.
Somes lines I still can't understand. Thanks.