Congratulations Babydolls

By JoCo June 14, 2005

Lili pointed out a terrible oversight on my part, which is that I failed to offer babydoll t-shirts in my collection of Jonathan Coulton themed merchandise. All you sexy downtown girls who were holding out because you didn’t want to look all frumpy in a regular woman’s shirt may now proceed to get it on, babydoll style.

Had a lovely rehearsal tonight with Adam Stein of The Petersons in preparation for the big show on Thursday. I was reminded that he is a clever man and a fine performer of funny things. Maybe you should go see these Petersons at Caroline’s on June 20th. They rock.

Also (OMG! So much news!), podcast seven is now posted. You may notice that these things are getting longer and longer as we spiral out of control. If you listen very closely, you will catch the cacauphonous 45-minute “Song of the Presidents” which I played with the Hungry March Band at the most recent Little Gray Books. Even now I am tensing up and holding my breath thinking about the poor quality of this recording, not to mention what is perhaps the worst acoustic guitar tone I have ever heard. I would like to point out that this performance was rehearsed only in theoretical discussions with one or two members, and that what you hear in this recording was really the first time we had all played together. That band is a fine collection of talented folks, which is the only reason it came off at all.


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