By JoCo June 9, 2005

Many of you have asked me for a way to quickly and easily move money out of your wallets and into the hands of companies who make T-shirts. I hear and obey: you may now purchase Jonathan Coulton themed merchandise from my online store at At the moment, we have mostly T-shirts, but there is one sticker if you like that sort of thing. Don’t put it on your Mom’s furniture, kids, because it will stick there.

Most of the shirts have a choice lyric from one of your favorite JC songs on the front and a small tri-color smoking monkey graphic on the back (from the Smoking Monkey CD artwork). Some of them also have tiny pictures of giant squids, or Mandelbrot Sets. If there is a lyric you’ve always wanted to have on a shirt (or a mug, a tote bag or a pair of thong underwear), please let me know and I will make such an item available to you. Otherwise, go on and buy that stuff!


Keller Mckowen says

I would buy a man thong that said "Your a heart shaped box of spring and wire"

Keller Mckowen says

But i would need a size XXXXXXXL

jpez says

I think I'm actually going to buy something.

Eric Ginsberg says

Other great merch ideas:

"Maybe I used too many monkeys."

"Kenesay Mountain Landis
was a BAD Mother-Fucker"

"Maybe you're a squirt gun that only shoots jam.
Now you know how Jesus feels."

(big print) SCIENTIST:
(little print)Building inventions in my space lab in space

C Ya,

JoCo says

Don't tease me jpez.

jpez says

i'm serious!

Andy says

Once I have the money you can expect the purchases of "Guess what? I'M A MASON NOW" and "Mandelbrot Set."

jpez says

Shirt has been purchased.

JoCo says

Jpez, you rule the skies my friend. All hail jpez, the boldest, baddest M'er F'er this side of the Mississip.

Lili says

Please please please add babydoll t-shirts. Especially the regular (not stripey) kind, but maybe chicks also like the stripey kind. Please?

jpez says

Am bold, badd, and M’er F’er enough to have a song written about me?

JoCo says

Whoa. Jpez. Who do you think you are, Soterios Johnson? Maybe someday...

kellers stalker says

keller you are not an XXXXXXXL.