How Do You Like Them Apples?

ByJoCo May 26, 2005

Airplay people! Airplay! Ikea has been getting a workout on a few specialty/mix shows at various radio stations around this great nation of ours, and is actually showing up on the fmqb submodern chart, tied for #10 with Dropkick Murphys and The Aquabats. What does this mean? Who knows!


Susan Lew says

Hi Jonathan! This is my first glimpse of your blog (tee hee, I said blog). Congratulations on the airplay that Ikea has been getting. I'm just happy for the Norsemen, really.

Glenn Peters says

I just feel sorry for the giant squid, the killer cyborgs, and the mad scientists. The EP just kicks ass. I feel sorry for "Betty and Me" -- it's up against such stellar siblings and it's only a great song. I hope that they, too, can get the airplay they deserve.

Chris Mussen says

When you think about the astounding number of college kids and divorced men out there it seems only natural....

Travis Braud says

isn't weird that all your fans just make obscure references to your songs in the comments that they make. At least we know it'll be the future soon and it won't all ways be this way

JoCo says

Travis - the fans dedicated enough to come to this site, read my drivel, and post a response have probably created their own strange spoken language which consists solely of fragments from Jonathan Coulton songs.

Hi Susan!