Podcasts are up

By JoCo May 18, 2005

The PopSci kids tell me they had a little trouble with the posting of our first show, but it eventually made it up there on Wednesday. Just finished the second one, and if all goes well it should be up tomorrow. Podcasting is time consuming, especially when you try to make it sound like radio. I think we’re doing good stuff though, and I got my picture taken with a storm trooper today, so I can’t complain. Do you know how loud it is on the floor at E3? It’s very loud. For an old man like me, it’s a little troubling. I think that the people who run this conference may want to consider making a rule that if you have a booth, you can’t turn your TV up too loud. I bet the Scrabble convention is nice and quiet.


Scott says

Just wanted to thank you guys for those podcasts... Had reached my saturation point for XBOX 360, PS3 and Revolution news after the first day... Was good to hear about the experience and not just more fanboy news... I have to say, though, that it was extremely painful listening to the Nintendo cheerleaders humoring your obviously poor Mario Kart DS performance... Thanks again!

JoCo says

Hey thanks Scott. It certainly makes it easier when you don't have to worry too much about the "news" and "actual facts." Painful is right though: those Nintendo people knew they were being recorded, and it's their job to sound enthusiastic, but I sensed a teensy weensy bit of disdain.