E3 is Coo Coo Crazy

By JoCo May 17, 2005

So I’ve seen press briefings for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. I’ve had free hot dogs at the Microsoft party, and enjoyed a few delicious energy drinks, all the while toting my digital recording device and microphone around trolling for content. I must say, the PS3 looks pretty amazing. Xbox, yech, the system will be good and everything, but those Xbox people are gross. Something about their whole marketing technique really creeps me out – it’s more of an attitude thing. As if a bunch of robots from outer space came here, make a game console, and then put on pseudo-hipster clothes and tried to sell it to you, and using words like “radical” and “awesome” and calling you “dawg” the whole time. Nintendo: sheesh, those guys are crazy. Everything’s shiny and round and pretty colored, even the war games.

John and I will be leaving the convention center soon to go back to the hotel room and edit together our first show. Look for it to be posted late tonight east coast time. And please, spread the word. The more people who listen, the better we look.


jpez says

Feel free to send me any unwanted handouts and/or unwanted money earned at E3 ;)

Sam says

Can I get a podcast over here on OS9, please? Please tell someone out there in electronicaland not to forget us holdouts who still work on the original Mac OS.

Please also say hello to Arnold for me. I am now going to submit this comment.

JoCo says

OS9!? What are you, some kind of designer or something? It's all about the X now - it stands for Xtreme and Xbox and Xtra Xtra Xtra. Though Sam brings up a good point here, nobody should be afraid of the podcast thing. It's really just an mp3 you know. Especially with the PopSci podcast, which doesn't even have an RSS feed. You couldn't even get it automatically if you wanted to.

Speaking of Apple, they appear to have a booth here at E3, which I find hilarious. As if they have games! Adorable!