PopSci E3 Podcast

By JoCo May 15, 2005

I’m writing from a hotel room in sunny California (which as you know I hate) where I have flown in order to podcast from E3 for Popular Science magazine. Who did what to the what now? Let me explain: E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo where all the makers of games, and players of games, and models paid to wear Lara Croft costumes come to party. As you know if you have been following every aspect of my life very closely, I have done a few podcasts with my friend John Hodgman that relate to our Little Gray Books show in Brooklyn. I have also done a little writing for Popular Science magazine. As it turns out, these two great tastes taste great together. John and I will basically spend a day interviewing people and walking around and talking about things we see, and then post the whole thing as an mp3 on the Popular Science website. There will be three half-hour shows, and they’ll go up Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. These shows may also include some potential Popular Science theme songs, or fragments thereof, if I can stand to make them public.


Aman says

I just read this in the New York Times, and I'm fucking pissed that it doesn't mention "Mandelbrot Set." Or at least I think it doesn't mention Coulton's most awesome science song, but honestly, I long ago stopped actually reading things and have become content with spastically skimming them.

Anyway, I'm going to start a massive letter-writing campaign against the Times to try to force them to retract their lame, Coulton-excluding article, since by *not* mentioning "Mandelbrot Set," they've incited riots in Afghanistan and put American troops in danger. Or something like that.

I hope that my try at HTML coding above worked....

JoCo says

Those dirty MFs. How can you even HAVE an article about science songs without a single mention of yours truly? The old gray lady has really gone downhill since the various scandals that happened that I can't really remember where they demonstrated that they make everything up. Or something. I skim a lot too. Aman: nice job with the html. Are you, like, a professor or something?

jpez says

Hey, it's that robot article! I still remember that from however long ago it was that it was originally written. Let me tell you - that was one cool hack! Nice job, Jonathan!

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