Am I Beautiful?

By JoCo May 3, 2005

I was going to apologize for all of these postings being about me. But guess what, it’s my website. It has my name on it. I mean, what did I think I was doing when I set it up? Regardless, here is my new favorite blog posting about me:

The Mighty Kymm

in which the author wonders about why my website includes no photos of me. She speculates that either I am a complete troll, or I am so gorgeous that it my looks would be a distraction from my music, and suspects the latter. Well, she’s right. Ask anyone who knows what I look like, I’m a total babe. (As long as you like beards. Er, and the goiter.)

I should point out that my first CD, Smoking Monkey, does include a picture of me standing in front of one of the dishes at the Very Large Array radio telescope thing in New Mexico. I am backlit, so the goiter doesn’t really show.

I will also note that The Mighty Kymm has hand-coded her site in html, which is hott.


jpez says

Quoted From Kymm:
|Hmmm, a performer without a single solitary picture of himself anywhere? |This can only mean one of two things, either he is so incredibly beautiful that |he doesn't want to distract from the music, or he is a troll. I'm betting on the |former.

Interesting switching of sentence order in your this to emphasize the fact that you are a musically talented troll?

jpez says

Whoops, that formatting looks really funky now. It was supposed to look like such:

|Blah blah blah
|blah blah
|blah blah blah.

Oh well.

JoCo says

Jpez: I am actually a musically talented Uruk-hai. I write and play music in order to relax in between all the running, warring and tasting of man flesh. It's surprising how stressful my work can be - Saruman is a good manager I guess, but he can be a real dick sometimes.

Andy says

Damn right it's your website. You bought it, you made it and you can post whatever you want on it. I'd send you my blog entry about you, but my blog as a whole sucks.

Anyway, keep up the good work.