Happy First of May

By JoCo May 1, 2005

Hooray, hooray, it’s the first of May. Spend it with someone you love…


Keller Mckowen says

whats the first of may you mean the worker Holiday Mayday

JoCo says

Sure, workers, men with tan Shar-Pei's, whatever you got.

Joe Stern says

You're pretty crazy jon. I like your style though. I write some crazy songs like that too. I wrote one about Kermit the frog one time. Keep it real.

jpez says

The rest of the world gets Communism and Equality for workers...we get a fabricated holiday celebrating our immoral culture and love of the outdoors inspired by a song written by a musically-inclined minion of evil with a goiter. God bless the USA and the First of May!