MP3Tunes Update

By JoCo April 26, 2005

Some of you have asked for the answer to the mystery of my high ranking: whether I made a ton of money, or nobody goes to mp3tunes. Well, the numbers are in, and I am now extremely wealthy. Tens of people bought my mp3s last month, and at .65 a pop, well, you do the math. I’m nearly a hundredaire, and I now occupy three slots out of the top ten song list. Thanks to all of you who took the plunge and dropped a buck, I really do appreciate the support. If you haven’t bought yet, why don’t you just stab me in the neck instead? Because it would hurt me less…


carol blum says

dag nabbit! if i had a cc or even a dime to spare, i'd give it all to you, but see, i live on ssi, pay child support, rent, food stamps, and have enough left over to buy t.p. and tampons if i'm lucky....f.....there's gotta be a way for me to send you a check and buy ALL your material...please help my twisted brain to figure out a way, cause you're worth every last cent I can find on the street....or else I'll just dig a hole and crawl in it. tee hee
xo carol blum
Coastal People
(also, on Garage (blech) band....but not after the SECOND (darnit) of May since one of my songs is track of the day. Poof! peace. write on!
xo c

jpez says

I say you send carol all of your songs for would be sad if she had to crawl into a hole.

dilemmarama says

either that or we can start a "quality music for unfortunate carols" fund.

JoCo says

For just pennies a day, that's less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can ensure that carols like Carol receive the high quality geek pop they so desperately need.

jpez says

One can also ensure that they will receive all the high quailty geek pop information they need by signing up at

kurt says

thanks for your wonderful music jonathan. i just bought your
CD's on mp3tunes -- my first purchases there.

carol, nobody should be without jonathan's songs. i just sent
him an extra donation to cover your copies, and i'll be sending
them to you via email.

i don't know if jonathan is placing all of his work under the
creative commons. if not, then this might be a copyright violation,
even through it wouldn't be if i had purchased the physical cd's.
so, jonathan, please don't sue me. i'm doing ok enough to
afford an extra copy of your albums, but not well enough to
fend off a copyright lawsuit.


kurt says

ps don't forget to celebrate first of may!

JoCo says

Now that's the stuff. People coming together to help carols all around the world. Kurt, thanks for the donation - you rock.

Carol says

I'm astounded....I'm speechless...I'm so grateful- to Kurt, JC, and all those other musicians and fan s who did the RIGHT thing- something everyone should do, but usually don't. I promise to repay the flavor any way I can....imagine my suprise signing on today, on the first of.....and finding such priceless treasures in my mailbox...thank you from the bottom of my've all made my day- even if i didn't get outside...but the day's not over yet....heh heh. God bless you all. Feel free to check out some of my tunes at either (click on audio, select songs, lyrics, pix, bio, etc.)....or our lame website, which- btw- don't bother sending emails to since we don't know where they're landing in cyber space....songs on there
ouir motto is...
Someday, we'll all be....
(Coastal People)
get it? With global warming, when the ice caps melt, etc. yeah, whatever.....
I'm going back solo soon anyway, but we shall see.
Peace, love and all the best to everyone- and trust me- i'm spreading the word around D.C. about you JC----you da bomb!
bless you kurt!
xo carol