By JoCo April 17, 2005

Now this is fun. is one of the online music stores that carries my stuff, and I was just checking my ranking in the various charts, which is something I do every couple of minutes. If you want to see an example of complete domination of a teeny tiny niche that nobody wants a piece of anyway, go there and click the Top Songs button. Then click the Pop genre. Then click the Quirky sub-genre. At this writing, I occupy 14 out of the 15 top spots. Either sales are going crazy and I’m going to get a big check in the next couple of months, or nobody’s using MP3Tunes to buy music. You should be able to guess which one I’d prefer – if you have a moment, and 88 cents, why not buy a song or two? Then email it to someone you love.

Now, I know the iTunes store is great and it integrates really nicely with the iPod you all have, but think for a second. When you buy a song from the iTunes store, it’s in a format that restricts how you use that song. You can only play it on devices that support that super secret format, and you can only play it on a certain number of computers. Maybe this doesn’t present a problem for you because you only listen to music on the iPod. Or maybe you think it’s OK to have to spend a few minutes burning a CD and then ripping it to mp3 again so you can get the music to play on your mp3 streamer device or whatever. But you paid for that song. It’s your 88 cents and it’s your damn song and you should be able to do whatever you want with it. That’s why we all need to show MP3Tunes a little love…