New News

By JoCo April 6, 2005

So this is the new site. Still working on it, so please let me know if something’s not working. In particular I’m worried about the fact that I’m building this on a Mac and I haven’t actually looked at it in Windows yet. Oh well.

A notable addition: you can now stream lots of songs that you may never have heard before if you’re one of the thousands of people too cheap to drop a few cents at the iTunes store. And soon you will be able to buy actual mp3s directly from me (soon meaning when I figure out the whole crazy maze of IPN and PHP from PayPal – I can dream can’t I?).


Travis Braud says

Jonathan you are the greatest singer, man.

I pray that one day you will be recognized by the world for your greatness.

Because you rock I salute you

JoCo says

Thanks Travis. I stand up straight and return your salute, smartly.

Keller Mckowen says

Trvavis is my freind and we both agree that you rock.

We also have a theory that we are the only ones visiting this site.

Also please buy my CD.

Just kidding, I have no CD.

JoCo says

Keller, I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if you're right. At least I have two people who think I rock, that counts for something.

radford says

dude, #3 rock believer.

JoCo says

See? The Radford says you're not alone. I had a feeling there might be at least one other person. Bless you Radford, and whoever else has the gumption to say that I rock. Courage, tiny fan base!

jpez says


JoCo says

See that? In 3 short weeks, my fame has doubled. That's the power of exponential growth.

Marihuana Man says

Hi JC:

First of all, I have to say that your site works perfectly under windows,
with internet explorer.

I will be aware, to buy your music in this site.


Greg says

Well, I'm probably # gazillian, three years later, but I'll say it anyway... YOU ROCK!

Jake says

Yeah seriously, yay for looking through archives?
Hopefully I get to see you in Chicago this May =\.
You so happened to chose finals week to come down.

Kat says

Dammit, why didn't I know about this guy before, or heck even during Thing a Week? Yay for internet superstardom!

You rock, from # gazillion + 1.

Benny Lava says

Three cheers for looking through archives! Seriously, does anybody pay you for this stuff yet?

MeeMeesiko says

Someone more than 5 years ago said "I pray that one day you will be recognized by the world for your greatness."

Looks like they had some damn good foresight. ^_^

<3 JoCo.