A more detailed bio, along with photos and other important information can be found in my Electronic Press Kit, and you may want to read what Wikipedia has to say about me, but if you must know the truth RIGHT NOW:

I grew up in Colchester CT, a town whose motto is “Where tradition meets tomorrow.” I played snare drum in the high school marching band, which was fun, but did not attract any girls (even when I played my tender snare drum arrangement of “You’ve Got a Friend”). I switched to guitar and wrote a series of sweet and sad songs about being a teenager and having a vague feeling of overwhelming sadness and sweetness. This worked only marginally better.

I studied music in college, and sang with an a cappella group called the Spizzwinks, and another one called the Whiffenpoofs. I spent a lot of time on stage in white tie and tails, showing my “jazz hands” only when absolutely necessary.

I used to write software, but I quit the day job in order to pursue…other things…or something. I am the musical director for Little Gray Books created and hosted by friend John Hodgman, and I am the Contributing Troubadour for Popular Science Magazine (for whom I do a weekly interview podcast).

My most recent project was called Thing a Week, in which I produced a new song every week and released it for free as a podcast for an entire year. All of these songs are now available on four CDs in their original order (and state of completion), but you can also buy them from my online store, or from iTunes.