Salt Lake City – An Experiment

October 19th, 2012

Salt Lake City, the last ticket link for the Nov/Dec tour, has finally gone up. The reason for the delay was that we were working on the details of this experimental ticketing thing called Bring the Gig.

Here’s how it works. There are 40 funder slots available – basically 40 tickets that go on sale in advance of the rest of them. After two weeks (or sooner), these slots will theoretically be filled, and the rest of the tickets will go on sale. If you are one of these first 40 people, you get your money back if we get more than 160 people to come to the show.

It’s a pretty cool idea I think: get a core of fans to cover what you need to make the show happen, and then incentivize those to spread the word. It’s a little popup street team. In a world where I didn’t know that I was coming to Salt Lake City for sure, we’d set these funder numbers at a level to cover my travel and production expenses, but you know what, I’m still doing the show even if there are only 5 people there. I hope there are more than 5 people there.

So if you live in Salt Lake City and want to maybe see the show for free, go get your tickets now. And then tell everyone you know to get tickets too, and maybe you’ll get to see the show for free. Or not! Could be a disaster! Exciting! Honestly I have no idea if this is going to work, but as you know, I am a scientist. I like to watch what happens.

Either way, can’t wait to see you again SLC!

12 responses to “Salt Lake City – An Experiment”

  1. Allison Madsen says:

    Done! See you in SLC and thanks SO much for coming!

  2. Edmund Long says:

    Noo! Checked out the website for the first time in a while to see if there was any news of a UK tour, only to find that I’d missed it! Hope you had great attendance, and it would be great if you could make it over to Ireland next time too!

  3. Sars says:

    SO STOKED you are coming! I missed PAX this year, so this will definately help me get through the rest of the year until PAX time again! <3

  4. Scott says:

    Awesome idea, I’ll put my plug in for doing this in Des Moines, Ames, or Iowa City, Iowa.

  5. Man, wished I lived in Salt Lake City Now!

  6. Eric says:

    Now I’m wondering how fast those first 40 sold out. Sadly, my feed reader didn’t pick up this article until today, for some reason.

  7. Tabby Caat says:

    Eric, you aren’t the only one. My feed reader didn’t pick up this article until today either. I wonder if there’s some RSS borkeness going on.

  8. JoCo says:

    Yes, I’ve also noticed some feed funkiness. I will look into it.

  9. Lockjaw says:

    Salt Lake City? How absolutely cool is that! Add another two to the list of those coming. And oh yeah, we DO have an Ikea here.

  10. gillyboat says:

    I will be there, hopefully with my fancy pants on.

  11. Jimmeh says:

    Wow, you’d show up despite the odds? That really means a lot to us!.. I’m buying tickets right now.

  12. Jimmeh says:

    Hmm, it turns out that they don’t let us 19 year olds at this +21 State Room concert hall – I guess it’s because of the bar, hahaha. Oh well.