It’s On

June 1st, 2012

I’m on tour! I may not have time to blog, ha ha ha.

Tonight is Boston, tomorrow New York City.

Next week is Rochester, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Alexandria (sold out!), and Philadelphia.

Then comes Ann Arbor, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver.

I’m delighted to have John Roderick opening at all these shows – he’s an amazing songwriter and a good friend, plus it means we can do Nemeses EXACTLY LIKE IT IS ON THE ALBUM. The band and I had our final rehearsal last night and have collectively decided that it’s going to be awesome.

This last couple of years I’ve worked very hard and done a lot of new and different things – the new album with the Flansburgh, the band, the tour with They Might Be Giants. I’m so looking forward to getting it out in front of you guys. Thank you for continuing to pay attention and care. See you soon.


53 responses to “It’s On”

  1. ChicagoMike says:

    Great show in Chicago last weekend! I liked the fancy pants rendition (Dane–the instrument is a zendrum: Scarface really does sing like an angel. You should put him on the next album.

    Next time you come to town, I’d love to hear some covers, too!

  2. Kevin B. says:

    Saw you at the GAMH last night. Your set was awesome (though I agree with the anonymous audience member – the mix needed more guitar at times), but something else stood out:

    WTF happened to the chairs?!? I’ve been to every JoCo SF show, and my least favorite was the TMBG show, largely because I don’t like being packed in so tightly with my fellow nerd – I like my fellow nerd well enough, but I like him better at arm’s length. I was happy this show was going to be at the GAMH again, as I figured it meant a return to JoCo status quo. :(

    (Also, it’s likely worth noting that the show was advertised “All Ages” – a friend of ours was distressed with “First of May” showed up in the setlist.)

  3. Allie says:

    I’m very jealous of America right now. Do you think you’ll ever come to England to tour? I’d be all over that.