First of May Remix

May 1st, 2012

Warm up your cease and desists. I made this today using Ableton Live, Sexy MF by Prince, Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by The Beatles, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the raw vocals from the original recording of First of May. Happy Spring everybody.

And oh yeah hey, come see me on tour, would you?

And here’s a download link: FOM Remix

47 responses to “First of May Remix”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Outstanding! Happy May Day!

  2. Tra-Bee says:

    Thanks! Just in time for my Bday!

  3. Will says:


  4. Kate says:

    All kinds of fun!

  5. dga says:

    And Frankie Goes to Hollywood too!

  6. Eric says:


  7. Since we’re in gray legal territory already, let’s take another step… – “The May First Connection”

  8. Brett Glass says:

    Come with 10 hours’ drive, and I will come to see you on tour. I’ll even help to get you booked.

  9. Abi says:

    Fab! Been thinking about this song all day! Can’t think of anything else on 1st May.

  10. Aunti Laura says:

    Absolutely best version. ‘Relax’ makes it a whole new song! Want on the Itunes

  11. Angelastic says:

    Wow. Is there any way I can download this and put it on my iPod, so it will come up on shuffle six months from now between two completely dissimilar songs and elicit surprised laughter while I’m coding in a shared office, the way music is supposed to?

  12. Antijen says:

    I love it! Although I was expecting more sluicebox.

  13. hasselhofford says:

    If you had a kickstarter to fund a contingent legal team to defend against the C&Ds, you’d make as much money as if you were to host, say, three week-long festivals of awesome on the high Caribbean Seas.

    Bravo, btw.

  14. Purplepooki says:

    Love it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Great song!

  16. SRDownie says:

    Even though Prince is probably spinning in his grave, I think this remix should be the cornerstone of all future Sex-Music Education courses.

  17. This’ll make a perfect addition to my unofficial “Other Experiments, vol. 3” collection!

  18. Seth G. says:

    First! (of May)

  19. SRDownie says:

    @Angeltastic You didn’t hear this from me, but if you visit the Soundcloud page, you can download the MP3 directly.

  20. lasarack says:

    I’m just gonna be honest, I didn’t think this was that good. The backing track was great, and I love First of May, but I didn’t feel like they flowed together that well.

    Is there any way we could just get the backing track to this, it’s fantastic.

  21. erba says:

    Too much fun–thanks! See you in Rochester!

  22. Nicole says:

    Love this song (proud to have it represent my birthday) and hope to see you in Chicago!! Also, your new album is fantastic.

  23. Tim says:

    Oh yeah! Love this.

  24. Jenn says:

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

  25. Suffix says:

    But I already bought 3 tickets BEFORE listening to this awesome remix.

    …Looks like Ill be driving South to Seattle a few days early.

  26. Jordan says:

    I would LOVE to see you on tour. Too bad you’re not coming to Florida..

  27. Beth berkland says:

    You told me you’d come to charlotte on your tour. Weh. Would LOVE to see you, but cannot. Still, this remix is truly lovely, thank you sir. Much love!

  28. Beth berkland says:

    At the very least, get yourself a new kitteh…that would ease the sting for me somewhat. Mwah!

  29. Danielle says:

    Love it. You’re also making my husband the law student twitch.

  30. Allie says:

    Fantastic! Hope you sufficiently celebrated the First of May. It’s been raining in Chicago, so it’s a bit muddy… I’ll be at Double Door next month!

  31. Angelastic says:

    Thanks @SRDownie. I’d already gone to the Soundcloud page without noticing the download link. Now that I can see it, it says the track has reached its download limit. :( Oh well, I bet someone else can share their copy.

  32. Barrie A says:

    What fun! I love it.

  33. Thiefree says:

    Little bit rough in places, but I’d love to hear more remixes. It’s probably something that takes more practice than I, for one, could give it!

  34. wegetgeek says:

    Pretty cool. Also @Scott Fletcher’s is amazing too!

  35. Dan says:

    @Angelastic: There’s a direct download link right there at the bottom of the original post! Just Right click -> Save link as.

    Wonderful remix!

  36. randyisnot says:

    Can you hear tha tickin…cuz this song is DA BOMB!

  37. Mike says:

    This remixx rocks even on the 2nd of May!

  38. yi-ching lin says:

    woohoo!! thank you for this!

  39. Jeremie says:

    Insanity. I love it! Thanks man. :)

  40. Mike Woodhouse says:

    Beforethought: WTF?
    Afterthought: WTF!
    All In one day? Nice one.

  41. Dan says:

    That sly, Prince-y dim7 underneath the chorus is just spectacular.

  42. Sus says:

    Still epic on the third of May.

  43. kairannosauros says:

    thank you coultan with your glorious gift to the world. thanks to you i had a wonderfull outdoor sex with my girlfriend

  44. ELLR says:

    Awesome remix!

  45. Marisa says:

    Just so everyone knows,this would be totally legal under copyright law.This counts as fair use,and there’s precedent for it,plus,it doesn’t look like Jonathan’s charging for it,so he’s not making any money off it(although I’d totally buy this,please sell it if it’s legal to do so!).

    Also,I just started going to Friday Night Magic,but I will totally pass it up to see you in Boston on Friday the 1st.Please tell me there will be merch,because if I can’t spend money at the comic shop,I’ll need to spend it somewhere,and I still want one of those JoColor It coloring books and maybe a T-shirt.

  46. Fitch says:

    I’ve renamed this song
    Jonathan Coulton vs. Beatles vs. Prince vs. Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Why Don’t Sexy MFers Relax First?

  47. SweetRebeccaPea says:

    I dig it. Good job, JoCo!