UK Trip in the Works

April 13th, 2011

Stop asking! I am working on it!

In fact, I can give you some details right now. Unfortunately due to various travel and recording schedules, I have to do a kind of shortened trip this year. I am extremely sorry and PERSONALLY DISAPPOINTED to tell you that I will not be coming to Ireland, or Glasgow or Edinburgh. I love all those places, but I couldn’t make it work. That’s the bad news. I swear that once this new record is out I’ll have more time to plan a longer and more extensive tour in the future, and just try and stop me from coming back to those cities when I do.

The good news is that I will play acoustic shows with Paul and Storm in Bristol on June 9th, Manchester on June 10th, and London on June 11th. I think I’m also going to be able to sneak in a first time ever Amsterdam show (!) on June 13th. I’ll post the specifics here and on the twitters and to the mailing list when I have them, which hopefully should be sometime soon.

Houseboat, emmer effers.

56 responses to “UK Trip in the Works”

  1. Hamish Milne says:

    Me and a mate have booked tickets for Manchester. Hi from your Arnside/Siverdale fans!

  2. Lance says:

    Longer tour? Maybe southern hemisphere tour?
    Come on. You know you want to visit New Zealand. Home of the lord of the rings movies….. go on.

  3. Hobo says:

    We want Nottingham!!!! Make it happen!!!

  4. Ian says:

    No Glasgow


    I would travel down to the Manc one, but my second child is due on the 11th……may have got away with a Glasgow show, but won’t risk the longer trip.

    Miss out Glasgow next time and i’ll eat your brains !

  5. René says:

    finally, the Netherlands :’D
    thank the lord (i’m coming back home from Prague the day before xD)

  6. Ros says:

    Just booked to take my son to London gig- the ticket site on web link didnt work – but managed to book directly with Union Chapple website ( slightly more expensive)