DVD For Sale

May 11th, 2009

At long last, here it is.


A live DVD/CD super combo package, now available to you, the general public. It’s currently in pre-sales but discs will ship May 15th, and if you buy now you can download the mp3s immediately.

112 responses to “DVD For Sale”

  1. good news – we sorted out a much more reasonable shipping rate for overseas customers. It’s now $7 for the 1st item, $8.50 for two, $10 for 3, and a buck for every extra item after that..

    To share the exciting inside story, we didn’t realize the default weight on our overseas postage computer thing was set to one pound.

    Also, we’ve got a new store in development and we’re probably gonna test out paypal soon too.

  2. OK we’re taking Paypal on our store now, too.. http://www.secure.whatarerecords.com

  3. Darrell Maclaine says:

    Thanks for sorting it out! I’m happy now. :)

  4. DAK says:

    Matthew, W.A.R.?

    the above secure link is not working…nor can i check out on your site

  5. DAK says:

    Matthew, W.A.R.?
    Worked second time around!
    thx for allowing Paypal

    one happy customer :)

  6. MauricioC says:

    “Matthew, W.A.R.?”,

    I hate to complain again, especially since What Are Records and JoCo are being so responsive, but can you please take a look at what happened regarding shipping to Brazil? When I sent the first message some time ago, I could buy the JoCo DVD, provided I paid $16 in shipping. Now, I get a message saying “No shipping available to the selected country”. If it was deliberate, I understand it, of course, but can you please take a look in case it wasn’t?

    Thanks a lot!

  7. we ship to all countries, should have added that.

  8. Zach Totz says:

    I’m still hoping that a digital version of the artwork will get posted online so that I can put my DVD in a case on the shelf with my other stuff!

  9. Zach Totz says:

    …to clarify a bit, I’m going to edit the art in a program and use a template to print it off so that I can transfer the DVD from the regular case to the customized one on my shelf.

  10. MauricioC says:

    “Matthew, W.A.R.?”,

    I’m still getting the “No shipping available to the selected country” message when entering a Brazilian address. Are you sure this is fixed?

  11. DAK says:

    Just had to post back and say FANDAMNTASTIC DVD
    okay off to watch it for the 8th time……

  12. Doug says:

    Awesome DVD! I’ve just got it in the mail today, so kinda skipped around to my favorites. Can’t wait to sit down and watch the whole thing. Come back to Columbus! Loved the show a year ago.