This Weekend

August 27th, 2008

Yes: PAX. I’ll be there. I’m slated to play at around midnight on Friday night, and I bet it will be great fun. I’ll also be hanging around my special merchandise booth to say hello and sign boobs (i.e., manboobs) and whatnot, most likely for a chunk on Friday afternoon, certainly after the show on Friday, and then again for a bit on Saturday morning. I’ve got two new shirt designs that I will first unveil and then sell.

Then Saturday afternoon I’ll make a quick trip over to the Bumbershoot, where I’ll be the musical guest (a song, or maybe half a song) on Jesse Thorn’s “The Sound of Young America.” The other “actual guests” are Tig Notaro and Janeane Garofalo, both of whom I’ve met before in my travels through show business. Funny ladies! And Jonathan Coulton!

It will be a busy weekend of music and gaming and manboobs. Rock!

Song Fu Episode Two

August 21st, 2008

The first transport is away!

Song Fu has started up again, this time with the addition of the venerable RiffTones (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, oh my). The challenge this time was to write a song about the moon.

Simple enough, in fact I’ve sort of done it at least once or twice. So why then was it so hard? I had a few bad ideas mumbled into my voice recorder, but was pretty stumped until about Tuesday night. Not that I found any new idea, but I had turned one of the bad ones over in my head enough that it started to seem like a possibility. So yesterday was just like the old days of Thing a Week – powered on the gear at 9 AM without knowing too much about where I was headed, except that I had to be finished by the time I turned into a pumpkin (father) at 4. Kept it simple, just uke, guitar and bass.

This is something like creation myth meets breakup song with moon frosting. Not sure all the dots are connected right, but I dig impressionistic lyrics like these where I don’t quite know what I’m talking about (giant oyster – WTF?). I like the third verse very much in particular, and you can’t beat double tracked vocals. Voting has begun, song is free below and for sale in the store. Rock!

Always the Moon

UK (And Ireland!) Promo Mashuppy Things

August 14th, 2008

As if the entire continent of Europe wasn’t already buzzing with excitement about my (and Paul and Storm’s) trip to the UK in October, Storm is hard at work Photoshopping a bunch of celebratory/promotional images to whip you all into an even frothier frenzy. Below is the first, with many more to follow over the coming weeks.

UK Madness

Len’s Space Doggity Image

August 11th, 2008

Sad. But cute! Thanks Len…

Space Doggity

My Vacation is Over

August 11th, 2008

It was like a death march to the coffee shop this morning – there’s not even any beach here! Or lobster rolls! I guess technically I can still have a rum drink at noon, but it won’t be the same. They were playing the Traveling Wilbury’s album when I walked in though, and now we’re in the middle of “The Bends” so that helps a little.

I’ve got a few days at home and then this weekend I’ll be playing the Coverville500 show at Bally’s Casino in Vegas along with a bunch of other folks (hint: not Cher). Till then, email catch-up and pushing this concert DVD a couple inches closer to completion. Wish me luck…