London Calling

February 29th, 2008

This is not a definite thing yet, but I see no harm in mentioning it now: it’s entirely possible, I’d even say likely, that I’m going to be playing a show in London on 3/20. (Or I guess if you’re in London, 20-3. I think. To be perfectly clear March 20th is the date. March 20th, which is about three weeks from now.)

There’s something else that needs to come together that will get me over the ocean on an airplane, and if that happens then the London show is a go. I hope to have ticket links and show time specifics in the next day or so, but the venue is going to be Dingwalls.

This is a real test of Eventful, and the power of the internet blah blah blah. There are 159 people demanding me in London, if most of them buy tickets we should be in pretty good shape. But the capacity at Dingwalls is 487, so there’s plenty of room for everyone, ha ha ha.

More soon! London! Holy crap!

The Great Andy Bates

February 28th, 2008

Pictured here with John and Sean from Harmonix:
The Great Andy Bates et al

This will only make sense to you if you were at the San Francisco show (or if you have a time machine and have already watched the DVD).

Me on TWiT

February 25th, 2008

Back before G4 ate TechTV I used to watch Leo Laporte all the time on Screensavers, so it is with great pride that I tell you I was a guest on This Week in Tech yesterday. It was extra special because we also got the band back together (Leo, Merlin Mann, Veronica Belmont) to discuss our triumph/epic fail in Rock Band at the San Fran show Friday night. Tom Merritt of CNET and Ryan Block of Engadget were on the line too, because that is how I roll now.

Fair warning, it’s essentially an hour of talking about me (and niche broadcasting), which I always enjoy, but which you may have had enough of by now. Thanks Leo!

Nice Work SF

February 24th, 2008

I’m sitting in my kitchen at home surrounded by coffee and pastries and children, which is a lovely way to come back to earth.

But I must tell you all, it was a fantastic show on Friday night. Many thanks to everyone who made it happen: Adam and Jeremiah from Lucas Blank, the awesome crowd, the dedicated crew, the fan cameras, the tireless PAs, the fantastic Great American Music Hall folks, the cake bearers, the Paul and Storm, the Kristen Shirts, Leo, Merlin and Veronica, my new friends at Harmonix (big, mad, ridiculous props to you), etc. I’m not always comfortable asking for help, and I had to do an awful lot of it for this thing – you all came through and made it a really great night.

Hopefully I’ll get to watch some of this footage this week and we’ll have an idea what we’ve got to work with. Don’t know how long it’s going to be before I have something to show you, but it’s likely a final product won’t be ready for months. I’ll certainly post progress updates here. I can’t wait either!

Thank you one and all.

Three Things About San Francisco

February 21st, 2008

1) The Game Developers Conference is going on here this week, and Portal won Game of the Year, Best Game Design, and the Innovation Award – all well deserved. It’s an awesome game, and I’m proud to have been a small part of it. But I’m a little surprised it didn’t get Best Writing (which went to BioShock instead). As I’ve said many times, the song only works as well as it does because of the expertly constructed and subtly conveyed character of GLaDOS, who was given voice by the incredibly talented Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek. If there was a Jonathan Coulton award, they would have won that one this year, I’ll tell you what.

2) I played a short set at the Valve party last night, which closed with me playing “Still Alive” in the game Rock Band with a bunch of Harmonix folks. Yeah, it WAS awesome, you’re right. Plus I got 95% accuracy on the vocals. I guess the secret is out now – the song is going to be available for download in the game sometime in the future (don’t ask when because I don’t know).

3) I can’t remember the other thing. I’m so tired. Oh right, I was on CNET Live today and that was pretty awesome too – they even gave me burritos to eat! If you missed it when it was live, watch it here. Everyone here on the west coast is so nice and their burritos so tasty, maybe I don’t really hate California at all. Maybe I love California.

I’m not just saying that because I have a show here tomorrow night. OK, maybe I am.