Hacking My Site

January 31st, 2008

Enterprising young (I assume) rianthefreak92 has posted a video at YouTube that demonstrates how to download all my music for free. I was just trying to leave a comment about it, but he must be screening them because it hasn’t appeared there yet. See my response below the video.

As I tried to say in my comment, something like:

Nice “hacking,” though in my day we used to call that a “browser plugin.” I will point out that all the Thing a Week songs were posted as free links initially and all those posts are still there (I do that with all new songs as they come out too). Also, they’re available through the podcast area of the iTunes music store, and of course in the Thing a Week rss feed. Plus P2P sites, torrents, and of course the CC license allows you to legally share the songs with friends (though not the covers, those can’t be licensed CC because I don’t own the songs).

I don’t lead with the free options on my site here, because of course I’d prefer that you give me money so that I can make a living and continue to record songs and entertain America. But I’m aware that they’re there, and I know that many choose to use them. I don’t worry about it too much, because somehow or other this whole thing continues to work. At least until this post ruined it (ha ha ha, I hope not! ha ha).

Anyway, well done rianthefreak92 – the free stuff is your reward for knowing more about computers than most people. Enjoy the music, tell your friends, maybe donate someday in the future when you get a job. Or come to a show, or buy a shirt, or a CD. Most of all, keep on hackin’ you adorable script kiddies!

114 responses to “Hacking My Site”

  1. Jase says:

    I love how he deleted his entire account. You make little script kiddies delete their YouTube accounts. =’) I don’t want this to sound like sucking up or anything, but you are my hero.

  2. Russ W says:

    I would like to say that I did not steal Jonathan’s music before buying it. That’s not to say I didn’t hear his music for free before I bought it. Though, to be fair, he was playing live on a stage at a music performance venue and I happened to be within earshot. Immediately after the show I shelled out the $$ to buy the Thing-a-Week box set. I would have bought Smoking Monkey, too, but it was already sold out at the time. So I waited until the next show and bought it then.

    Can’t wait to head out to San Francisco for the DVD taping. The minutes just seem like hours…

  3. David M says:

    I did download the Thing a Week mp3’s the ‘sneaky’ way, but figured since I’d picked up an autographed tin at the SF show I was covered morally. I bought the rest of the CD’s from the site later. I now gleefully force all my friends to listen to JoCo whenever I get tricked into driving them somewhere.

    A couple of them are flying out to see you in SF later this month.

    This is much better treatment than I give those affiliated with the RIAA or MPAA.

  4. Im with “Martin Kingsley” come on down to Melbourne but unlike so many of our arty overseas cousins try to make the tickets affordable. As a lover of things outside the square I find it soooo hard to actually meet the people I feel common ground with , generally due to financial rastraints and as most of the people I speak of are in the game due to such annoying worries I find it all the more ironically tedious !
    There now Ive said it !

  5. Jon says:

    I got, everything p2p, and what I couldn’t get that way, I traced back to rss feeds, but in my defense, I’m broke as a joke who has no money. Once i find my millionaire girlfriend, you’re getting a big check JoCo. not finnacially big, Ed McMahon comically over sized big.

    From now on, anytime I do anything that is legal, encouraged, and generally socially acceptable, I’m calling it hacking. I’m about to hack myself some lunch.

  6. AnonymousFriend says:

    Man, what a prick..I’ll bet he’s one of those annoying 15 year old wigger script kiddes

    “OMGZ I SUCH A 1337 H4X0R!! LOLOLOLOLOLOOOLOLO”–rianthefreak92

  7. Chris Hansen says:

    Tak a seat, right over there….What are ya doin’?

  8. Liz B says:

    See, and this is why we give you money :).

    Yes – you do make a fair amount of your music freely available, but then we can turn around and buy as we’re able to, which rocks! And we turn around and point all of our friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and so on and so forth.

  9. Daniel says:

    Wow, that’s complicated.
    And I never thought of viewing source.
    But… when you click the play button… IE downloads the mp3 to play it, and it sits there in your temporary internet files…

    So theres another one.

    But yes, its a moot issue considering the music is FREE TO BEGIN WITH

  10. DeProgrammer says:

    I used Orbit Downloader, although just making a HTML document with a link would have handled it quite fine. One day I’ll (hopefully) have a job and be glad to pay for what I downloaded. :)

  11. Steve says:

    That sucks… The video got deleted. How do you do it again? šŸ˜‰

    p.s. i have paid for my favorite songs already, and will definitely buy an album if you come to Canada sometime soon. But for now, i have no credit card, and want more of your music.

    p.s.s please put your new stuff on iTunes.

  12. Lauren says:

    If you come to Australia PLEASE COME TO ADELAIDE. I confess that I found you on a podcast and thats how I got some of your stuff :-( But I have to wait four years for a credit card but I will pay you back in 4 years LOL! Oh and by the way I cant find you on iTunes for some reason.

  13. Sean Tomo says:

    you changed my life, you rule.

  14. jake says:

    you make amazing music please write more songs like future soon (i dunno if i spelled that right) and your brains. your the best artist i have ever heard. and if you get the chance please say hi to the p.c guy for me. keep truckin