Hacking My Site

January 31st, 2008

Enterprising young (I assume) rianthefreak92 has posted a video at YouTube that demonstrates how to download all my music for free. I was just trying to leave a comment about it, but he must be screening them because it hasn’t appeared there yet. See my response below the video.

As I tried to say in my comment, something like:

Nice “hacking,” though in my day we used to call that a “browser plugin.” I will point out that all the Thing a Week songs were posted as free links initially and all those posts are still there (I do that with all new songs as they come out too). Also, they’re available through the podcast area of the iTunes music store, and of course in the Thing a Week rss feed. Plus P2P sites, torrents, and of course the CC license allows you to legally share the songs with friends (though not the covers, those can’t be licensed CC because I don’t own the songs).

I don’t lead with the free options on my site here, because of course I’d prefer that you give me money so that I can make a living and continue to record songs and entertain America. But I’m aware that they’re there, and I know that many choose to use them. I don’t worry about it too much, because somehow or other this whole thing continues to work. At least until this post ruined it (ha ha ha, I hope not! ha ha).

Anyway, well done rianthefreak92 – the free stuff is your reward for knowing more about computers than most people. Enjoy the music, tell your friends, maybe donate someday in the future when you get a job. Or come to a show, or buy a shirt, or a CD. Most of all, keep on hackin’ you adorable script kiddies!

Bad News in New Haven

January 31st, 2008

The Yankee Doodle has closed for good. I am terribly sad about it. This was a tiny place with a row of 6 stools and a counter, and they put butter on their hamburgers, and they stuffed their hot dogs with cheese and wrapped them in bacon, and they mixed up vanilla cokes, and you could eat and eat and it would only cost you a dollar. I tried to go there last time I was in New Haven and it was suspiciously closed at lunchtime – my worst fears are now confirmed.

“The place is small, the food is great. It’s worth your while to stand and wait.”

Who will put butter on my hamburgers now?

I Need PAs, Can You Help Me Internet?

January 30th, 2008

UPDATE: I’ve received many offers, thank you everyone. I’m still processing them at this point so I haven’t responded yet I’ll be in touch soon. It’s likely I’m covered for now. Thank you internet!

Turns out there’s a lot of work involved in shooting a concert DVD. I’m looking for a few helpers for this San Fransicso thing – PA’s they call them, which apparently stands for Production Assistant. You know: sandwich getter.

I need one person for the day before the show, two the day of, and one the day after (that’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday). I can’t pay you anything, but I can get you a free ticket if you don’t already have one, or perhaps one for a friend if you do. You’ll of course receive credit, and probably some other free stuff, and my gratitude forever and ever.

If you’ve had experience doing this sort of thing that’s a definite plus, but mostly I’m looking for people who are available (like, all day, for a long time) and willing to run around and do all sorts of things when we realize we forgot something at the last minute.

Email me if you’re interested.

The 404

January 30th, 2008

The show where it’s actually kind of difficult to google the name of the show and actually find the show’s website instead of a bunch of pages about error 404.

Yesterday morning I went into the CNET offices and cracked wise with the kind and gentlemanly fellows of The 404 podcast. It was a little touch and go, I arrived literally as they were broadcasting the show opening because…I was late and stuff. But they seemed not to have wet their pants, so we had a nice time talking about SMS messages, AppleTV and Portal. Thanks doods!

It’s a Major Award

January 28th, 2008

It has not escaped my attention (for very long anyway) that our very own Molly the Ukeist, who is also called Sweetafton23, has won the Uke Hunt Ukulele Video of the Year for 2007 for her cover of Tom Cruise Crazy. Totally boss! It deserves a repost here because it is pretty great, but instead I’m going to make you watch this original song that she wrote. Congrats Molly…