A Christmas Miracle

December 21st, 2007

I found it in a dusty pile in my dusty cluttered office, and now it is on the Netterwebs!

Quick Stop Entertainment has posted this live version of “Chiron Beta Prime” as part of their totally havocular “Holiday Havoc” this year. Last year I think I gave them a live version of “Christmas Is Interesting,” which only goes to show you how creative I am when it comes to thinking of what kinds of things I can give them. This one was recorded at Johnny D’s – backup action by Paul and Storm, robot voice by some guy named Scott (supposedly).

Also, I’ve officially begun my tour of relatives for this holiday season, so I will have spotty access to various kinds of connectivity until after the new year. I may be slow in answering emails, posting things, etc. I will be very fast at drinking massive quantities of eggnog however.

Merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, happy new year, and please be kind to wolves during National Wolf Awareness Week (which is not this week, it’s sometime in February I think, but still).

Len’s Beige Bear

December 21st, 2007

It’s just begging for full-on Hannah-Barbera treatment:

VTAW - My Beige Bear

Ooh, and I like this version even more: in pencil, and then colored in.

New Song – My Beige Bear

December 19th, 2007

This should give you some idea how much time I spend these days hanging out with a certain 2-year-old child. I’m generally forced to make stuffed animals talk to each other for several hours each day, so it’s no wonder this thing showed up in my creative output. You see, Beige Bear is the wisest of the animals, because he’s been around for a long time. He’s also well-loved, so he’s got a great capacity for patience and compassion. Indigo Monkey’s just a mess.

My Beige Bear

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My Beige Bear – Finishing Up?

December 18th, 2007

UPDATE: Kind of a rocky start, but I think I got somewhere. Not totally convinced, but certainly ready to call this one done – there will be a couple of minor mix tweaks which are too boring for anybody to watch, and then I’ll put this one up. Should happen in the next day or so. I’ll do a new song in January I think, which will most likely involve the nylon string guitar that I have just borrowed.

I’m gearing up to drag myself through the last few steps in this song this afternoon, and of course there will be live video. Not sure what I’m going to do exactly, I’ve been avoiding this for a while because I find the song a little boring. I’m hoping to sparkle it up a bit in the arrangement, but I may also fail, which will make for some really exciting internet television I’m sure. Watch closely…

Box Sets

December 17th, 2007

CDBaby has been out of Thing a Week Boxes for a little while, but they should be receiving another shipment today, which means that theoretically there’s still plenty of time to get one by Christmas. What a lovely gift such a thing would make for someone special…