SF Rules

September 15th, 2007

You, San Francisco, you are awesome. Great show last night – thank you for your enthusiasm, strong enough to roll happily along even during the strange chaotic Mr. Fancy Pants Meltdown Machine segment. Those of you who want to know what that thing was should see this: www.zendrum.com. It’s my new favorite toy.

I’m doing West Coast Live this morning, and after a couple of days off we’ve got Austin on 9/19 (argh, I mean 9/18 – thanks for pointing that out internet). Get ready Texas…

55 responses to “SF Rules”

  1. Darryl says:

    Hey Luke — I’m too lazy to extract the MP3s myself, and your editing work sounds nice. Could you contact me at my YouTube account? I could set up an FTP drop for you, and maybe even find someplace to host the files. Thanks!

  2. Luke M says:

    Hey Darryl — I don’t have a YouTube account and don’t really want one, so their system won’t let me contact you. If you go to my user profile in the forums, you can contact me at my email address. I’d be happy to email files to wherever you want or even snailmail you a disc, I just don’t want to deal with YouTube.

    I’m hoping Spiff’s recording came out OK so that I can fill in “Brains” and “May.” Your camcorder got surprisingly good fidelity :)


  3. Charlie says:

    Luke–could we work out a way to have those sent? I could even put them up online for others to download. I have enough space on my server.

    charlie -AT- wolf -DOT- sh (not .com, .sh)


  4. Luke M says:


    Absolutely, and thanks. Thanks most of all to Darryl for his *stellar* taping skillz. I am but a cog in the machinery of JoCosity.

    I was trying today to email mp3s extracted from Darryl’s exemplary vids to a fellow fan, but my Yahoo account was being lame. I will try again Monday from a higher-bandwidth connection. Your offer of server space is much appreciated.

    I’m still willing to snailmail discs, too. As an old-school trader I have no problem picking up the postage and packing costs in the interest of building taper karma.

    ~Luke M

  5. James says:

    I posted most of the video at the website above. I’ll try to link them in the forum.