Code Monkeys

June 11th, 2007

I’ve gotten a few emails about this as the promos have begun their heavy rotation: the G4 television network has a new show called “Code Monkeys” about some programmers at a game company that’s animated in the style of an 8-bit computer game, and they’re using my song as the theme (I mean, how could they not really?). To answer your questions, yes I do know about it, and yes they got permission, and yes a certain amount of money changed hands, so it’s all official: I have sold out.

Please begin the backlash…

72 responses to “Code Monkeys”

  1. There is nothing wrong with making a little money from something you did.

    It is a great song.

    Make it a habit, then you might be deserved to be called a ‘Sell Out’.

  2. I saw a preview of a bit of the opening sequence, and I was a bit disappointed. I saw the little 8-bit characters going about their little 8-bit antics, but what I heard was, “Code monkey like [conspicuous silence], Code Monkey like [conspicuous silence][conspicuous silence], Code Monkey very simple man…” Ah, the joy of television.

  3. Stacey Leggieri says:

    I’m laughing uproariously at elitists who think being played on G4 is somehow worse than the actual song chorus mentioning Fritos, Tab, and Mountain Dew by name. Commercial involvement is problematic only to the extent that one chases after it. And JoCo’s ethics run so counter to the prevailing market greed that he scares record labels for breakfast. lol

  4. […] the theme song is “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton (used with permission). Thanks to our own Annie Wu for telling me ’bout […]

  5. Marianne says:

    I just heard this song for the first time over the weekend (more than once; love it *very* much!) and I was thinking it would make a great theme song for a show – congratulations!

  6. Matthew says:

    Hope the show lives up to its awesome theme song

  7. Mike says:

    I was flipping channels and heard code monkey and my first reaction was “that’s awesome! great for him!” So congrats man. BTW, with a show like this, I don’t think its a sell out, now if it were American Idol…

  8. Ken says:

    The idea is great, the show sucks. You can watch it off their site. An absolute ebarassment for the first show. The lead coder paints his phallus green and is naked through the first 4 minutes. The second coder soils himself when Steven Speiburg enters the scene. Everyone knows that coders soil themselves when Microsoft gives away the latest version of MSSQL server to IT staff.

  9. […] on the matter. This is not the case, everything is above the table on this one. In fact, last month Mr. Coulton responded to the emails and gave a short explanation as to what happened. I’m not going to quote the […]

  10. I watch Attack of the Show on G4 and picked up on the Code Monkey song as soon as the promos started. Congrats, I wish I could “sell out”.

  11. Kasey says:

    I hadn’t heard of your song before I saw the show. “Code Monkey” is obviously the perfect theme song I love it! I saw a few live youtube performances, and you rock! Make another checkmark under the fan category.

  12. Brandon says:

    Well….one, you’re not a sellout. As long as you still own and sell the song, you’re just getting some popularity there 😛

    I’d never heard of you before watching the show (I hated the fucken show..GAH) but I loved the themesong…googled it. Found you. BUYING SONGS.

    I lovya man…keep up the [nondescriptive] work.

    oh, and JY-

    If ($CodeMonkey_Song[‘status’] == “sold”){
    $Sell_Out = “Good”;

    Your code was erroneous >.> [and I like PHP]

  13. Matt says:

    Both the song and the show kick ass.

  14. ryanisjeebis says:

    you didnt sell out u just got paid for ur awsomness and the tv show aint half bad its pretty funny

  15. sprinklespwns says:

    Love the show one of the reason that i watch g4 on wednesdays. Code Monkeys is my reason to get up in the morning

  16. Anthony Flores says:

    I dig the show and love that song…takes me back to my “code monkey” days at SUN Micro

  17. ben says:

    code monkeys is flippin awsome!

  18. Alastair says:

    The show is how I found out about the song. Great going!

  19. Snakeye says:

    there are two reasons why i know who you are right now and why i love ur music that supposed “sellout” to G4 and the iPhone. right now the story is way too long to explain but let’s just say I forgot the “s” in Code Monkeys when I was on youtube and I stumbled upon that and many other great songs of urs so youve definitely gotten more fans from it

  20. Daniel says:

    hey man,i’m glad you “sold out”, it’s easily making you much more least it did in my case.i never really paid much attention to music right,but if i heard a song i liked,i would look it i was watching Codemonkeys for the first time and really liked the song,so i look it up and there are many many different video adaptations for it,not many of which pertaining to the show Code Monkeys,bnut only to the glory of the’s a lot better when you hear the whole thing,as the song is telling a story,a GOOD story.i can especially feel for the guy in the song now that i’m in highschool, in a Computer Website Coding class, in fact, i am in that class as i type this message,switching back and forth from typing in the code and hearing the song you sold on infinite loop in my head. It’s funny,the song immediately starts when i walk in the door of the classroom and ends perfectly as i walk out.well,i’ve begun rambling,so i think i’ll get off your back now.keep rocking out and don’t feel bad to make a little money doing’s always much better to make money doing what you love and are good at than doing something that you hate and are okay at.

  21. Heidi says:

    Actually, that show is where I first heard of you and your awesome music.
    Awesome, awesome music.

  22. SiSo says:

    I know I’m super late on this, but:

    JoCo (as you seem to be called, heh), congrats. It’s not a sellout.

    Brandon, YOUR code is, in fact, erroneous. JY’s “Time_Left_Without_Needing_Boring_Day_Job++;” meant that Jonathan has incremented (made larger) the amount of time he has until he has to get a boring day job. Now, I don’t know PHP (if that is what your ‘code’ was; JY’s was C, or some derivative thereof), but I don’t think just one ‘-‘ means ANYthing, in ANY language, unless it’s part of an expression. Perhaps you meant ‘–‘, but that’s STILL wrong, because that would mean LESS time until he has to get a boring day job, and that’s bad (at least, I would assume so). As for the rest, I think that’s probably just a matter of preference, considering it’s not real code anyway, but I just thought that I would point the ‘++’ thing out. I admit, JY could’ve made his variable name a little clearer, I suppose. OK, enough out of me, that’s just my $.0000000002.