Thing a Week 27 – Madelaine

March 31st, 2006

New recording of an old song – this is another one from the Supergroup set list. I’ve always liked this one, but couldn’t listen to the 4-track cassette, midi drums version anymore. I was working on something else for a while this week but then decided not to use it, long story I’ll get to later when it’s not so late. For now I give you:


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Coming to Your Town

March 27th, 2006

A few people have asked me if I have any plans to play in their area. No matter where you live, the answer is probably no. Not because I don’t care about you, not because I want to keep an air of mystery, not because I was horribly disfigured by a chemical accident that made me into a hideous monster with superpowers. Here is why: I am lazy, that’s one problem. The other problem is that I live in NY and not anywhere else. So when somebody says “Hey JoCo, you should come play in Orlando,” I don’t have any way of knowing if I’m going to go to the trouble of setting up a gig and flying to Orlando only to find that it’s really just that one guy who’s interested in seeing me play. Sure, it would be fun for that guy, but it would be kind of a drag for me.

So here’s an idea: I just ran across this site called Eventful that lets you create events that don’t exist yet, and allow other people to demonstrate their desire for that event to take place by “demanding it.” I am not explaining this well at all, it’s really very simple and will make complete sense if you click on that pretty blue box over to the right. The signup process (I know, another one?) seems to be minimally invasive, and I think it might be an interesting addition to our little experiment in making me famous. It might also be embarrassing when we find that it really is only the one guy in Orlando…

Nother Gig Reminder

March 27th, 2006

Tomorrow night at 8:30 I’ll be doing one song at Ritalin Readings at Mo Pitkin’s in NYC. Which crowd-pleasing music video will I perform do you think?


March 26th, 2006

Only recently did I think of setting up a way to buy a subscription to Thing a Week. You can get it as a podcast whether you have a subscription or not, but if you prefer to pay for your music, Paypal would be happy to transfer a dollar a week from you to me for as long as this crazy ride lasts. For those of you kind enough to buy the song every week, this is a nice shortcut. Details are here.

Or else my room is bugged

March 26th, 2006

First I find out my beard is in vogue again, and now the NY Times says zombies are back too. Do I have good timing or what?