Joan and Jane and Joan

January 31st, 2006

Derek sends me these links, thus demonstrating that there is some kind of creepy resonance thing happening with sisters named Joan and Jane – of course you remember Thing a Week 8. Gotta love Google (unless you are Chinese).

Starting with the obvious

which included the appropriate button

Then there was the painterly representation
The Story of Jane and Joan, 2001 (Oil on panel, 6 x 8 inches)

The mathematical representation
“Extra Credit What interest rate yields equal amounts of money for Joan and Jane at the end of their 65th year? Explain how you got your answer.”

The cosmetic representation
“Jane and Joan Kochan have spent their whole life together.”

And finally, the posthumous representation
“Jane and Joan dressed alike up until the twelfth grade.”

Thing a Week 18 – Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance

January 27th, 2006

It was time for this song to get the full treatment and rise up from its obscure position on the Songs page. For those of you who don’t know, Soterios Johnson is the morning anchor on the NPR station here in New York, WNYC. He may or may not have a secret life of dance, but he’s got a pretty sweet radio voice. Thanks SoJo…

Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance

Note: currently the mp3’s screwy and cuts off before the end. I will fix it soon…

More Note: now fixed. Sorry for the trouble (you get what you pay for I guess).

More Fun with Flickr

January 27th, 2006

From Waxy, here’s this strangely addictive game of “guess the keyword” called Fastr. I can’t stop playing.

This week’s thing coming soon…

Don’t Do It!

January 20th, 2006

Artist Tom Judd has just started a project called Once a Week (via BoingBoing). Kind of interesting: he’s going to produce a page of art once a week for a year, and he’ll auction each one off on ebay. In addition, he’s selling 3cm spaces for £50 to advertisers – he will actually put your image on a sticker that he will stick onto the artwork, thus ruining it for posterity, and for the potential ebay buyer. It’s like Million Dollar Homepage, but with art. And maybe without the million dollars.

Thing a Week 17 – I Will

January 20th, 2006

Easing back in with a Beatles cover this week. This song has been floating around in my head for quite a while, who knows why – maybe I’m in love. I think this may be the sweetest love song ever written, so I’ve recorded it without any winking or irony or irreverence. Just straight ahead sappy. And say what you want about Paul, but it takes guts to write a line like “Love you forever and forever, love you with all my heart” and never look back.

I Will