Stormtroopers, Booth Babes

May 19th, 2005

Here are some photos of us looking cool at E3.

I interview a storm trooper, he threatens me with a blaster
Hodgman poses with booth babes who hate him and everyone else

8 responses to “Stormtroopers, Booth Babes”

  1. jpez says:

    Why do the booth babes hate everyone?

  2. JC says:

    Well, I’m kind of assuming that, so I could be wrong. But these poor women are made to dress in hot pants and bathing suits and walk around in a crowd of lady-starved gamers. My suspicion is that this gets real old real fast. My own hot pants were groped a few times, and I’m not even that sexy.

  3. jpez says:

    A job’s a job, even if it sucks, I guess.

  4. potsie says:

    This entry is ancient but I just time traveled about 8 months into the future and have some catching up to do (I really need a shower too).

    I just realized these women are wearing tin foil bras… the crumply kind of tin foil. That’ll make anyone grumpy.

  5. Blog says:

    >Here are some photos of us looking cool at E3.
    Respect! I loved E3.

  6. Little Money says:

    haha stormtroppers are always a good choice for a costume.

  7. Liza LS says:

    I am sure this post will get a few extra hits since Hodgman linked to it on his blog. I just have to comment on John’s very gallant “no touchy” technique in regard to posing with the booth babes. There is no need to call for a hand check here!


  8. Konya says:

    Thanks you admin.