Thing a Week Reorg

ByJoCo November 2, 2006

You may not have noticed, but I’ve just altered the grouping of the Thing a Week stuff on the Songs page. When I started I grouped by 10 because I hadn’t really thought it all the way through, and I wasn’t sure it was going to be a whole year. But now of course the CDs I’m putting out will be 13 songs each. So I altered the Songs page and the ID3 tags on the mp3s reflect this. Those of you who care can edit your mp3s to match if you want to be completely accurate and everything. Also, the Box Set is now $70 and includes all of Thing a Week.

In related news, both Thing a Week One and Thing a Week Two CDs are in stock at CDBaby (for now). I’m hoping that Three and Four will be done soon, ideally in time for Christmas, I mean “The Holidays.” I’m looking into some options for packaging them all together in some kind of packaging, but don’t hold your breath.


david lawson says

I'm planning on giving JoCo box sets to a few people this christmas, so if it really was an actual boxed set, that would rule!!

Chris Radcliff says

I was thinking about how to package all four the Things a Week together because I'm giving gifts for The Holidays, and something tells me I'll get to it before JoCo does. (And that's saying something.) The thin sleeves make a true box-set kinda strange, but they open up another possibility: an LP cover!

OK, so the sizing isn't quite right. The CDs would take up 9.5 inches across, while an LP cover is more like 12 inches. But I bet you could create an LP cover with four sleeves in it, one for each Thing. Not sure what would go on the cover itself, but I'm sure something of Len's would work nicely. The cover itself would be a bit big to print out on an ordinary printer, but that never stopped me before...

Spiff says

I'm not sure why Void brought up my video here, but since he did, let me mention that "Re: Your Brains" just went over the 100,000 views mark yesterday. Absolutely amazing. :)

Pete says

...and "Seahorse" moved nearer to the end of the track listing. Was this intentional?

JoCo says

Oops, nope, that was a mistake.

Alden says

Should the prices for the individual TAW cds be increased to $13, since now they include 13 songs? Given the pricing now, it's cheaper to buy the cds individually instead of the box set.

JoCo says

It's actually the same price to buy them all individually or buy the box set. I did raise the price of the TAW CDs from 8 to 10 (since they went from 10 to 13 songs).

Heather says

I’m not sure why Void brought up my video here,

Whoops, no idea why there's a trackback to my blog post about your video here; I didn't enter a trackback. Hmm. If your site uses blog software as a whole, maybe when I linked to your main page it automatically dropped a trackback in your latest blog post? Odd.

Anyway, I've been linking to some of the videos (as well as your site) because I just absolutely love those songs. Talk about hilarious and clever! :D

Muncher says

(I know this also has no reason to be here but I've got no where else to say it)

4 degrees of Jonathan Coulton

JC to John Hodgman
Hodgman to Justin Long (I'm a PC commercials)
Long to Matt Dillon (Herbie Fully Loaded)
Dillon to Kevin Bacon (Wild Things)

mopardmc says

Maybe this explains why when I just bought TAW 2 and 3, the zip files I downloaded had a different (and overlapping) set of songs from the songs as they appeared on the page.