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[edit] Bio

Encubed is a twenty-something MBA, improv actor, and social media lover. Jonathan Coulton's music is what keeps him sane throughout the workday.

[edit] Contributions to the JoCommunity

  1. Encubed has filmed two full Jonathan Coulton concerts that can be found on his Youtube channel (PARTS of which can be found...this is a work-in-progress)
  2. He scored an impromptu post-concert mini-interview with Jonathan himself after the June 7th, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA concert
  3. With the help of JoCo forum members, he re-wrote the lyrics to Over There to a song about Americans by a Canadian. Then he recorded and performed this on video, released just in time for JoCo's first Canadian concert, and in time (coincidentally) for Canada day.

[edit] Top 5 Favorite JoCo songs

  1. The Future Soon
  2. Better
  3. Madelaine
  4. My Monkey
  5. I Feel Fantastic

[edit] Current & Future Projects

  1. Finish uploading Youtube vids, create Toronto concert DVD
  2. More covers!
  3. JoCoCon!
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