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Molly Lewis, also known as sweetafton23, is a student from Orange County, California who is known for performing original songs, pop covers, and Jonathan Coulton covers on the YouTubes. Her first Jonathan Coulton cover stemmed from an incomplete recording of her performance of Tom Cruise Crazy for her high school talent show. After someone sent a link to Jonathan Coulton himself, and he expressed interest in seeing a full recording, she obliged. The resulting video later won the Ukulele Video of the Year 2007 award at Ukulele Hunt. More recently, she has recorded a cover of Still Alive. Molly Lewis performed with Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm in Seattle on April 26th, 2008, and has performed with them many times since. She has also written several of her own songs, one of which she performed for Stephen Fry[1]. Like most people[2], she defeated Paul and Storm in Masters of Song Fu[3].


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  3. Masters of Song Fu #3: The Winner Announced!

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