Much News

September 14th, 2012

Just sent this to the email list. I thought it would be a good thing to “post” on my “web log” as well, so the internet can read it. England/Sweden tour! Christmas album! Ask Me Another! Hodgman shows! More things!


Hello! I hope your Summer was as relaxing and indulgent as mine. I actually managed to stop looking at the internet for short stretches of time, which feels like a dangerous luxury when you’re in my line of work. What’s funny is that after a few days of vague anxiety, you forget all about what you’re missing. The internet is totally made up! The flip side of this is that now here we are in September and I have a ton of dropped threads sitting in my inbox. I AM ALREADY BEHIND. But it’s OK. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming up this Fall. Allow me to illuminate you.

England and Sweden
Yes! So excited to be returning to a few cities in England, plus a bonus show in Sweden (it’s an experiment – I hope there is an audience HA HA). All acoustic shows with Paul and Storm opening: Stockholm, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester. I’m sorry we won’t have time to make it to Ireland or Scotland this time around, but I’m certainly looking forward to the Jaffa Cakes. Still plenty of tickets left, if you know what I mean. Details and links below.

Ask Me Another
The new NPR quiz show I’m kinda sorta assistant hosting/Paul Shaffering has gotten a ton of positive feedback from the first thirteen episodes. It’s now being co-produced by WNYC here in New York, and will be coming back this Fall as a weekly show. We’re all very proud of how fun it is to perform in and hopefully listen to. Tickets are already on sale for the first six shows: Unfortunately, I will only be able to make half of these (Nov 12th, Nov 19th, Dec 10th), but they’re lining up some excellent replacements for the shows I’m missing. Brooklyn types should come out and see us, and the rest of the nation will have to wait until we come to your town (which we may – stay tuned).

Seattle Interactive Conference
I will be appearing a couple of times at the Seattle Interactive Conference, October 29-30. I would love to tell you the details, but I don’t know them, and currently their site isn’t loading for me (you can’t, um, “interact” with it). I’ll be speaking and performing with John Roderick, John Hodgman, Scott Simpson, and Merlin Mann, and afterwards the internet will explode and contract to a singularity and then we will all be robots. Watch the skies!

Me and Hodgman in Massachusetts
For TWO NIGHTS ONLY, John Hodgman and I will put aside our longstanding famous person feud (?) and offer up stories and songs to the people of Massachusetts. Shows are Nov 2 at the Calvin in Northampton and Nov 3 at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. Tickets are on sale now – details and links below.

Everywhere Tour
This will be the last stretch of what we at JoCo Industries call “The Artificial Heart Tour.” Still waiting on a couple of confirmations, but basically we’ll start in LA and head across the Southern part of the country until we get to Florida, ROCKING AS WE GO: LA, San Diego, Salt Lake City (I hope), Denver, St. Louis (I hope also), Tulsa, Austin (I hope also ALSO), Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, and Tampa. These are all band shows. I don’t know yet who will be opening. I don’t have ticket links for anywhere but Dallas yet. I stink!

Christmas Album with John Roderick
I don’t know how soon I can let you hear it, but I’m excited to announce that John Roderick and I will be putting out an album of original Christmas songs sometime this Fall. I was in Seattle for a stretch of time around PAX, and we decided to get together and write and record and see what happened. What happened is that we experienced a legitimate CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, and also wrote one Hannukah song. It’s mostly just the two of us playing all the instruments, except that we got a little help on a few tunes from our friend Jason Finn, who likes to play the drums. Mixing is happening now. I’ll be sure and let everyone know the moment you can listen and obtain these soon-to-be-classic holiday songs.

Cruise, Still
I know we haven’t been talking about it much, but that’s because we’re strategizing. In not too long a time, we’ll have more details on event schedules, room assignments for those who have booked, and other various kinds of informations for you. Until then, if you haven’t booked yet, may I ask respectfully WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE DOING? It’s bigger and better than ever this year – we’re on a new ship and a new cruise line, and we’ve got performers from prior cruises plus a few who are JoCo Cruise virgins (Virgin Monkeys?). Listen, you know how lazy I am, right? You know I wouldn’t keep doing this if it wasn’t a ton of fun for me and everyone who attends. Are you ready? OK, book now:

Other Secret Things

OK, here are the show details:

Stockholm, Sweden – September 17
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Södra Teatern, 7:30 PM

London, UK – September 20
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Union Chapel, 7 PM

Birmingham, UK – September 21
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
MAC Theater, 7:30 PM

Bristol, UK – September 22
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Colston Hall, 8 PM

Manchester, UK – September 23
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Manchester Academy 2, 7 PM

Northampton, MA – November 2
With John Hodgman
Calvin Theater, 8 PM

Boston, MA – November 3
With John Hodgman
Wilbur Theater, 7 PM

Brooklyn, NY – November 12 and November 19
Ask Me Another – Season Two!
Bell House, 7:30 PM

Los Angeles, CA – November 24
Largo, time TBD

San Diego, CA – November 25
Anthology, time TBD

Salt Lake City – November 27
Venue and time TBD

Denver, CO – November 28
Soiled Dove, time TBD

St. Louis, MO – November 29
Venue and time TBD

Tulsa, OK – November 30
The Shrine, time TBD

Austin, TX – December 1
Venue and time TBD

Dallas, TX – December 2
Granada Theater, 8 PM

Nashville, TN – December 4
3rd and Lindsley, time TBD

Atlanta, GA – December 5
Variety Playhouse, time TBD

Charlotte, NC – December 6
Visulite Theater, time TBD

Orlando, FL – December 7
The Beacham, time TBD

Tampa, FL – December 8
State Theater, time TBD

Brooklyn, NY – December 10
Ask Me Another – Season Two!
Bell House, 7:30 PM

Thank you for reading this long email.