UK Tour and Other Things

July 21st, 2012

I’m going to the beach for a couple weeks with the family, but you should know that in September I’m touring in the UK with Paul and Storm. I KNOW! I’m excited to finally be coming back. We’re also trying out Stockholm for the first time, so please tell your Swedish friends. Also I sing Billy Joel in NYC in August. Also there is PAX.

Here’s what’s on the docket:

New York, NY – August 18
Glass Houses: Classic Album Night with the Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke Band
Fontantas, 10 PM
Tickets at the door: $5

Seattle, WA – August 31-September2
All weekend long, Washington State Convention Center

Stockholm, Sweden – September 17
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Södra Teatern, 7:30 PM

London, UK – September 20
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Union Chapel, 7 PM

Birmingham, UK – September 21
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
MAC Theater, 7:30 PM

Bristol, UK – September 22
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Colston Hall, 8 PM

Manchester, UK – September 23
Acoustic, with Paul and Storm
Manchester Academy 2, 7 PM

Not as if it’s been crazy busy around here, but expect less talky talk from me until August (can you do NEGATIVE posts per week?). Hopefully I will not be eaten by a shark. We’ll see I guess…

23 responses to “UK Tour and Other Things”

  1. Jeremy says:


    Can’t wait. Last concert was a blast.

  2. James says:

    Why no shows in Scotland? :(

  3. Roy says:

    I’ll be in Seattle end of August. PAX badges have been sold out for at least 6 months.
    Any other way into the show?

  4. Swen says:

    Yay, shows in Europe!
    Hope I can make it to at least one show and finally see you live in concert!
    Btw: You weren’t planning on making an European version of JoCo Cruise? 😉

  5. Andre says:

    Finally, a show in Sweden! I’m so psyched now, can’t wait to see you live in concert 😀

  6. Adam says:

    Come on man,Come to Scotland.

  7. Sarah-Jayne says:

    Yey!! Loved Manchester last year, cannot wait to see you again 😀

  8. Jasper says:

    Come back to Amsterdam!
    You’ll get an ever beter cake from me this time!

  9. Simon says:

    I’ll help with the cake! Anywhere else in The Netherlands will also be acceptable!

  10. Kina-Chan says:

    Ahh Bristol <3 Just a short train ride away~ Very much loving the choice of venues lol Thank you <3 x

  11. Chris says:

    London it is, then. Always looking for an excuse to head over there and you’re a bloody good one.

  12. Josephine says:

    JoCo you are AWESOME. We are listening to “Creepy Doll”, smoking hookah, having a generally awesome time right now and we wanted to let you know.

  13. Sean O. says:

    I am patiently awaiting your return to St. Louis.

  14. To the States, I mean…..

  15. Aiden says:

    Flight, Hotel and tickets for four ordered and payed for, see whoever is going to London well…. in London!

    Level Four!

  16. Rif_Luna says:

    Does anyone know where the venue is located in NYC? I can’t seem to find the right place/website.

  17. Rif_Luna says:

    Found it, just wasn’t looking at the right month!

  18. Blair says:

    Why no Glasgow date =[

  19. Adam says:

    I would SO go to one of these if I had the money.
    And a sat-nav.
    And a car.
    And was old enough to drive.
    Hmm… Thinking about it from this perspective is really making my chances seem pretty bleak…
    I guess I should look on the bright side of being Scottish though. At least we get the sexy accent.
    Hmm… And legionnaires disease…

  20. Eric says:

    UK and Sweden, but no France dates? Come on! Glad to have you over here on this side of the pond

  21. Mats says:

    Thank you so much for coming to Sweden! :)

  22. Jakob says:

    NO! I’m abroad for 6 months and you’re picking THIS time to come to Sweden??? Hope you like it and return! 😀