Piggy the Cat

May 17th, 2011

This weekend my cat died. He was a couple months away from being 20, so it wasn’t a complete surprise, he’d been in decline for some time. Saturday morning I came downstairs and could tell immediately something wasn’t right. Cats don’t have really expressive faces, but I swear he had a look in his eyes, kind of crazy and out of it. He ate some, and then lay down at my feet, and basically couldn’t get up again. I sat with him a while, pretty certain this was the end, but not that anxious to proceed. Finally I had to admit this was the time, and I called the vet and took him in, and as my daughter says “the doctor put the medicine on him.”

Off you go Pig. Wherever you are I hope they have a lot of suitcases to pee in…

52 responses to “Piggy the Cat”

  1. Claude says:

    Cats are cute
    Cats are sweet
    Cats have fuzzy furry feet
    Pointy ears, fluffy tails
    Hard to tell the girls from males
    Feed them stinky, smelly food
    Pet them, if they’re in the mood
    Often you will hear one purr
    As you stroke its silky fur
    They’re a lot of fuss and bother
    Maybe I should get another.

  2. Rob Copeland says:

    Sorry about your cat Pig. He looks a lot like my furry orange guy Chester who passed on last year. I agree, orange cats have the best quirky personalities. My guy liked to wrap his paws around people’s feet and press his head into their legs. I hope at some point you another amazing cat finds his / her way into your life.