January and Stuff

January 12th, 2009

Man, seems like I never blog anymore, I think because I’m spending all my talky energy on Twitter. In case you haven’t already joined the fray, that’s where all the action is these days, at least for me. Mostly I complain about things, but once in a while I might say something “funny” (or not).

I’m back in NYC and already behind for the year, which is no longer surprising to me. The good news is, I’m hitting the road again for a few shows in January and February. Paul and Storm and I could use some merch help for some of these too (Seattle, Portland and the Birchmere are all covered, the rest I need peeps). Just email Scarface if you’re interested.

Friday January 16 at 9 PM
The Soiled Dove Underground (Denver, CO) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/967oq8

Saturday January 17 at 9 PM
Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA) with Paul and Storm

Sunday January 18 at 8 PM
Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/4r25ns

Friday January 23 at 8 PM
Moore Theatre (Seattle, WA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/8cqfjw

Saturday January 24 at 8 PM
The Aladdin Theater (Portland, OR) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/6upo6l

Friday February 20 at 7:30 PM
The Birchmere (Alexandria, VA) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/9xn4ue

Saturday February 21 at 8 PM
Rams Head Tavern (Annapolis, MD) with Paul and Storm
Tickets: http://tinyurl.com/86qvbu

36 responses to “January and Stuff”

  1. Cmosfm says:

    I never even considered joining Twitter…seems as if I may have to now. :)

  2. Marcy says:

    I can’t figure Twitter out. I tried to use it but it’s super extra confusing for me.

  3. Roman V. says:

    @Marcy Please check this video: http://dotsub.com/api/smallplayer.php?filmid=3066&filminstance=3068&language=none

    I’ve been Twittering for a long time, and probably got the account as a result of JoCo. Self plug, if I may, I’m @romanv.

  4. Karl says:

    I’m not a Twitterer. Is it possible to link your feeds, so Twitter posts are auto-posted here too?

  5. Karl says:

    I see now, your Tweets are in your right side-bar. That’ll prob’ly do.

  6. Roman V. says:

    @Karl you can of course go to the page and read tweets without signing up – http://twitter.com/jonathancoulton

    Or you can always go RSS feed – http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/2100521.rss

  7. Pinual says:

    Picked up front row seats for the Denver show. Can’t wait since I missed you last time you were in Colorado. My wife just HAD to go into labor a few hours before the show.

  8. Adam West says:

    We miss you in britland.

    I’ll put the kettle on if you say you’ll stay for a while.
    Or at least a small visit.

    Please ;_;

  9. I LUV CALI says:

    JoCo in LoDo!!!

    See ya in Denver!

    I am hoping that a Talk with George is on the playlist….. finger’s crossed.

  10. I LUV CALI says:

    Typed too fast without thinking obviously. Please ignore the incorrect apostrophe above…..

  11. Marguerite says:

    So do you need stage hands again this time at San Francisco’s Saturday show? I’ve got a crew with general admission tickets who will happily fetch sandwiches and unwind electrical cord in exchange for not having to sit on a cold sidewalk for six hours to get a decent pick of seats.

  12. Encubed says:

    Please come back to Toronto soon!

  13. whall says:

    I already follow you on twitter and felt eerie seeing you reply to @wilw… I’d almost composed something REALLY funny about that, with crusher and code monkey and zombies and I almost had it there but how would I do it in 140 characters and maybe there’s some pun I can do with “crush her” and maybe a creepy doll or something and oh wait I gotta be somewhere soon I’ll come back to it.


    Can’t wait to see you in Austin again!

  14. Sara says:

    I take it the Vancouver show fell through? There will be a lot of sad Canadians next week. :(

  15. Kat says:

    I for one am glad your talky energy is going into twitter, because there’s nothing I love more than to pull it up on my iPod and know! right! now! all the very latest updates. I usually then forget to check the blog (I mean, I don’t have a cool little app for that, so something’s gotta slide…)

  16. JoCo says:

    Yes, sadly Vancouver fell through AGAIN. I’m as disappointed as all you Canadians, and it wasn’t through lack of trying. Next time we’ll try again…

  17. I have been using Twitter for some time now, and I have moments where a light goes on and I think “I get it” and then I have a lot of moments where I think “this is a real time waster. I should be practicing my guitar instead.” Lord knows I need that more.

    Let’s hope Seattle on January 23rd looks nothing like Seattle looked on December 23rd….Mayor Nichols thought the city got a “B” for snow removal….Right “B” for “BAD”. LOL

  18. Encubed says:

    I was wondering if the Best. Concert. Ever. DVD will available at music retail outlets in Canada as well, or if it’s only getting a US release. Hoping for the former, of course.

  19. Sean says:

    Awww… :( Austin is depressingly absent from that list…

  20. CALI says:

    Sean do not forget that SXSW is in March so….. your chances are great at being added to the list.

  21. Jason says:

    I am noticing a consistent lack of Illinois show dates.
    Did we do something to put you off?
    It was Blagojevich wasn’t it?
    That BASTARD!

  22. kolys says:

    Portland, huh? Convenient – I’ve been preaching the good word of JoCo to my Portland-based colleagues for a couple of months, hopefully I can convince a few of them to make it to the show.

  23. Secundus says:

    But…I was so looking forward to the Vancouver show. :( Oh well; I’ve waited so long, I won’t mind waiting some more.

    …I guess…

  24. Janthkin says:

    After only 3 attempts, I’ve finally secured dinner tickets for a JoCo show!

    Which leaves the immediate question: anyone know what time the Great American Music Hall seats dinner ticket guests on Saturday? All the site says is “doors open at 8” and “concert is at 9”.

  25. JadeSnake says:

    Janthkin, if you’ve got dinner tickets, you really don’t have to get there early. There’s a separate line for dinner ticket folks. That said, I have dinner tickets for Sunday and will probably get there about an hour before doors just because the line is usually so much fun.

  26. Jonathan Chaffer says:

    Just found out from my sister that there’s a concert coming up at The Ark in Ann Arbor. Fantastic venue, and the perfect crowd for the music style. Yay!


  27. Zach says:

    Hope Detroit is on your plans for this year’s touring! Also, you’ve been linked a couple times from my blog.

  28. Chris says:

    Well, some friends and I who are all fans should be able to cover your merch help needs for your Kansas City show.

    Now all you have to do is schedule a show in Kansas City… right?

  29. Wesley says:

    Aww, sucks to be a Vancouverite. Thanks for trying though, and here’s to hoping for a Vancouver show before 2009 is over ^_^

  30. Ghoti-Heads says:

    The show in Denver was fantastic! Please come back as soon as possible!

  31. Brett Glass says:

    Jon, it was great to see you and Paul and Storm at The Soiled Dove last night. Noticed your remarks about there being “no oxygen” and that all three of you were gulping water… though Paul, who was there an extra day before the show, less so than the rest of you. As a musician who travels between cities at different altitudes, I’d highly recommend that you allow a day to acclimatize, especially when going up more than 3,000 feet! It’d also give you a chance to do more shows, see the sights, and jam…. The Denver filk contingent has some brilliant musicians and would be extremely hospitable. Hope that on your next trip to Denver you’ll consider playing at the Swallow Hill Music Association, which has even more seats. Eric Schwartz got a great reception there.

  32. Jeff says:

    Congratulations on being on Wired’s top music this month… even though there is only 1 picture of you on the interwebs, they managed to use it twice (the one where you’re leaning to the side with your floppy disk t-shirt). It was a nice surprise when i saw it today.

  33. David says:

    See you this Friday!

  34. Nic says:

    It just occured to me, Jim Noir is like the Brit version of you. You to should so meet up and do some songs together.

  35. Daniel says:

    Damn you for booking your show in Portland for the day that I’ll be leaving to Florida. I’ll be on the plane that FRIDAY that you’ll be in SEATTLE! This ruins my day.

    I need a Calmonex.