T-Shirt Contest Winners

March 19th, 2008

At long last! I’ve just gone into Pixish to take a look at what happened, and it’s sort of amazing – 117 entries, many of them EXTREMELY AWESOME. First, here are the top 5 vote-getters:

1) Untitled by Tindomiel Muinamir
2) Jonathan Coulton T-Shirt Design by Tony Harsh
3) Untitled by Demetrius
4) Maybe I’m Amazing by Jeremy Dwiggins
5) I Crush Everything by the multi-talented Andy Bates

I’m going to start looking into printing options now, and possibly make them available on CafePress as well. There are plenty of great ones that didn’t make the top five too, so we’ll have to see what to do about that.

As per the contest rules, all five of those folks will get a signed copy of the Thing a Week Box, plus downloads of the entire JoCo catalog in their format of choice. And the big winner, Tindomiel Muinamir, gets a signed iPod Nano preloaded with all songs. Congratulations to the winners (I’ll be in touch to get some details from you) and many thanks to everyone who entered.

46 responses to “T-Shirt Contest Winners”

  1. Mark Gordon says:

    w00t! I’m going to need to buy some new t-shirts!

  2. Demetrius says:

    Kewl!!! I’ll give you a version of the SCM Complex design formatted for posters, too! …and, the “This Car Climbed Skullcrusher Mountain” bumper sticker that uses that front graphic.

  3. Congratulations to all of you!

  4. Roman V. says:

    Yes, most of those look great, and will look great on shirts. congratulations guys (gals?) on a large number of jobs well done (job-well-dones?)

  5. Roman V. says:

    Also, I was pretty partial to Storm’s design and somewhat less partial to Pauls, which isn’t on that website……

  6. TheRed says:

    Awesome designs one and all, I was kinda bummed I never posted mine design, but got caught up in finals week here at school and fandom had to ride backseat to academics for a few. Congratz to everyone who did post, and especially those 5 that won.

  7. Tind贸miel says:

    SQUEE! Okay, I totally didn’t see that coming! Thank you everybody who voted for mine and thank you JoCo for holding this contest!

  8. Shruti says:

    I really like Tind贸miel’s and the Great Andy Bates’s designs. Good job, guys.

  9. MitchO says:

    I want a Skullcrusher Mountain poster! 馃榾

  10. rozwarren says:

    I want a This Car Climbed Skullcrusher Mountain bumpersticker!!

    Maybe you can sell them along with the shirts?

  11. eliannrad says:

    All are awesome!

  12. Scarybug says:

    These are all fantastic! Wow!

  13. Dan says:

    Congratulations to all! I’m in awe of your amazing work!

  14. jeremy dwiggins says:

    There are some GREAT pieces there, thanks everyone for the votes! I’m pleased to win, but i’m more pleased that Tony’s TOTALLY AWESOME head-with-stuff image is in there too, which is as it should be, since it’s TOTALLY AWESOME. I am not worthy, really. 馃槈 Well, maybe.

  15. LoonieBin says:

    All awesome, but why is Lady Aberlin’s Muumuu represented by a boat?

  16. Greg says:

    Damn. I’m gonna have to buy some stuff now. That is NICE.

  17. Susan says:

    “I want a This Car Climbed Skullcrusher Mountain bumpersticker!!”

    Oh, I would so totally put that on my car. Fantastic idea!!!

  18. Kevin M. says:

    Awww dammit. I hardly ever wear T shirts anymore, but these are so bleeding awesome I’m going to buy some of them anyway. I particularly like Andy Bates’ I Crush Everything shirt. And here’s another vote for the “This car climbed Skullcrusher Mountain” sticker.

  19. Tind贸miel says:

    @LoonieBin: it wasn’t meant to be a representation, just a reference. There were a couple of things I wanted to include but didn’t have the room for, Lady Aberlin being one of them (and also a funny gag for Chiron Beta Prime that I was really sad to cut out)… so I just decided that Beige had named his boat after the song.

  20. Luke M says:

    Wow, meritocracy lives at Pixish. I want a bunch of these as shirts AND a Skullcrusher Mountain schematic poster! This contest worked out better than I imagined. Creativity kicks ass. And as JoCo says, it might be worth dipping into the rest of the top 10 or 15, as there were a goodly number of killer submissions.

  21. SaintPeter says:

    Is there a high res version of the SCM shirt so I can see all the 3D rendered goodness?

  22. Demetrius says:

    Here are larger versions of the Skullcrusher Mt. images that show more detail. I will render it MUCH larger for actual printing (if JoCo wants to sell them.) And, I may add more textures.
    There will eventually be an animated walk thru of the facility… when I have more free time. (free time! ha ha ha!) :)

  23. Demetrius says:

    Congratulations to everyone! There were so many great designs!

  24. hellziggy says:

    My favorite of those is Jeremy’s “Maybe I’m Amazing.”
    I would TOTALLY buy that shirt! I think it would look good on a light tan shirt…
    And Jonathan, you’ve got plenty of time to get them printed up before your May 1st show…


  25. Jeremy says:

    BTW, how cool is it that Skullcrusher Mountain has a helipad. :)

  26. Jeremy says:

    @hellziggy: Stawp. Now I’m blushing.

  27. Jeff Little says:

    Nice to see the best design win. Although, WOW – everybody… nice job. ANDYYYYYYY…….. he solos, he tessellates… simply incredible.

  28. JP says:

    Wow, these shirts are awesome. I have already picked out the ones I want to buy. This contest idea seems to have really worked out.

    Sell them now so I can give you money. :)

  29. junkle says:

    If you make a “This car climbed Skullcrusher Mountain” bumper sticker (preferably in black) I guarantee it will be proudly displayed on the back of our sidecar.

    Now you need to get the Portal folks cooking up an “Escape from Skullcrusher Mountain” (Or maybe some sort of a Sim trying to keep the complex running) video game! lol


  30. Hey there. Since folks seem so interested in a Skullcrusher Mountain bumper sticker, I went ahead and designed one. If JoCo likes it he’s welcome to use it; I’ve done Cafepress designs before, so it’s sized just right for a full-bleed bumper sticker image.

  31. Demetrius says:

    …and, here’s the one I posted in a previous thread.


    Hey, JC! How about a bumper sticker contest? !!!

  32. I must say, while there is quite the pile of awesome there…
    The one I enjoyed most was the “Maybe I’m Amazing” Tshirt
    Just because it made me laugh.
    If I wasn’t going totally flat broke, I would buy them in a flash! o;

  33. Pleaeeeeeease go with Spreadshirt instead of Cafepress. You get a much higher quality product, and the niche likes quality over affordability.

  34. I’ve actually been really happy with Cafepress quality, as long as I avoid the ‘value’ t-shirts. (I have a handful of their shirts & mugs, etc.) I do think they’ve gotten better since they changed their shirt-printing process a while back.

  35. Paul says:

    Maybe stick a Santa hat on Jonathan, that could kinda represent “Chiron Beta Prime” AND “Podsafe Christmas Song”?

  36. Luke M says:


    …and “Christmas is Interesting.” I love that song.

  37. SaintPeter says:

    I love all the little details. Very pretty!

    I’m glad to see that the designer did not make the common mistake of adding “Secret Agent Entry Ventilation Shafts” to the power room.

  38. Demetrius says:

    “SaintPeter Says:”

    :) Plus… all the “caves” on the side of the mountain that provide access to the interior (vehicle bays, etc) are dens for hungry wolves! If they don’t KNOW you you are in TROUBLE! Poor Scarface learned this the hard way…

    Yes. I’ve thought about this way too much!

  39. Amanda says:

    I want the Skullcrusher Mountain as a poster! I wouldn’t want it as a T-shirt because I’d have people breathing heavily on my back all the time, ew, while they absorbed the full brilliance. Poster me up, boys.

  40. LoonieBin says:

    @Tind贸miel: Yeah, I didn’t catch on to the fact that there was a beige bear and an indigo monkey in the boat. It makes total sense now, that’s sweet.

  41. ice weasel says:

    Great stuff, all of them. I think you picked the right top winner. They’re all solid. And the suggestion of the Skullcrusher Mountain poster is an excellent one.

    I’d also like to see more lyrical quote shirts.

  42. Tony Harsh says:

    Always arriving to the party late I missed this posting, so rather belatedly
    I like to thank everyone that voted for me and congratulate Tind贸miel, I think everyone would agree the ‘best design’ won.

    Regretably in a rush to get the image out in time for voting there were a some charcters and things that didn’t get included, Kenesaw, the shop vac, Mandelbrot, to name a few.
    So if you’re reading Mr Coulton and you’d like these slipped in (or any others at your request) let us know and I’d be only to happy to oblige. (It’s all in Photoshop so it can be mucked about with, without any hassle)

    Thanks again all!

  43. Andy Bates says:

    Hey everyone! Wow, I really don鈥檛 know what to say! Thanks to everyone who voted for me! There were so many great pictures in there, I really didn鈥檛 think I had a chance.

    Congratulations to all of the other entries who fit so many songs in their designs; I felt like I was phoning it in a little by focusing on only one song, but I always liked the Escher imagery of two beings that are eternally interlocked but forever separated. But anyway, I鈥檓 glad you guys liked the picture!

    See you all at the next San Francisco show!

  44. Ninjas says:

    I think this one should be made into a shirt as well:


  45. Ninjas says:

    Oh and 3 and 2 are pure awesome. 1 would be awesome but the yellow text hurts the overall design IMO. Maybe if it was in a different color that fit the rest.

  46. Kerrin says:

    They are all very good.